Vehicle load security pilot

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has begun a vehicle load security pilot in the north of England. Usually, inspectors only check loads when faced with signs of risk; for example, if curtains are bulging.


But in this pilot, all curtain sided vehicles will be inspected for load security by a DVSA examiner. It is also investigating driver culpability for load security if S-marked prohibitions are appropriate (but is not issuing them during the pilot).

Drivers' cooperation is expected. Because DVSA recognises that pulling the curtains back can be risky, drivers will only be asked to do so when there is no danger to the driver or the examiner.

Assistance from operators will be sought if a driver fails to cooperate, and prosecution will take place if this is unsuccessful.

The pilot will be reviewed after three months. We anticipate an increased number of prohibitions and fixed penalties being issued due to the pilot.

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