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An interesting concept to keep drivers fit was introduced into the Stream Space cab of his Mercedes-Benz Actros.  Thanks to an initiative by German haulier Spedition Fehrenkotter, driver Heiko Gebhardt has installed a personal fitness studio in the StreamSpace cab of his Mercedes-Benz Actros.


Gebhardt now uses the TopFit Set (part number B6 626 0350) during breaks to actively combat muscle tension and to strengthen the muscles that are prone to stress.

TopFit comprises a plywood board to which two metal eyelets are attached. Exercise straps, known as tubes, are attached to these with snap hooks. Two pairs of tubes offer different levels of training resistance.

Gebhardt stands on the board between the seats. The set is completed by a pair of flexible, ergonomic handles which rotate to follow the movements and thereby reduce wrist tension, plus a useful carrying bag.

"We specifically developed our Top Fit Set for use in a truck cab," says Siegfried Rothe, Daimler Trucks customer researcher and developer.

"Using the fitness board, drivers can exercise in the privacy of their cab -which is an important factor for many truckers."

Training videos, including 'Basic Fit', 'Strong Fit', Top Fit' and 'Power Fit' workouts, are provided on a DVD supplied with the set. Each workout contains six exercises aimed at the relevant areas of the neck, shoulders, upper arms, abdomen and upper/ lower back.

However, Gebhardt prefers the digital fitness coach via the FleetBoard Driver app, which also has information and tips on health and fitness on the road.

App your truck has become reality. 

With the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal, you are now given the option to equip your vehicles with apps which increase your convenience and efficiency.  

More aps include the following:

Overview of vehicle operation: The digital manual is a digital operation instruction – directly available in the vehicle.

Date and hints: The Fleetboard Driver informs the truck driver in real-time about relevant data on his vehicle and provides hints how to improve his individual driving behaviour.

Overview of vehicle operation: The digital manual is a digital operation instruction – directly available in the vehicle.

Stopwatch for support: The app with integrated timer helps the driver to move his vehicle in the scope of legal regulations – including during breaks.

This is a 3rd party Digital apps which would be useful if available in the UK. 

I have this app on my smart phone at the moment to search for parking space: The community based app offers free parking options including evaluations and also provides further useful information.

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